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24th November 2015 by DG

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Desert Pearl Harley Davidson Showroon, 5th October 2015

Saturday 17 October 2015 - Ride to Harley Davidson new Desert Showroom

by DG

Exiles MC @ the 75th Sturgis!!!, 26th August 2015

by Yo-yo

Abu Dhabi Biker Cafe Opening, 8th February 2015

by Mosh - Edited by Yo-yo on 12th April 2015

Exiles Mystery rides, 29th January 2015

You'll never know in advance where you end up during the Exiles mystery rides.

by Yo-yo

New Website, 2nd September 2014

The new website is now online. It looks a lot like the old one but thereís a ton of new functionality under the skin and more on the way.

Youíll need to request a new password using your email address instead of your member number. Probationers can now log in as can everyone else on our database which is why Iíve spent so long beefing up the security.

Most of the pages from the old site have already been updated and re-integrated but this is all happening when I get spare time so bear with me. New functions are listed in the menu but not yet available - those buttons will currently redirect you to the news page.

If you need help or find any problems please let me know.

by Mosh - Edited by Mosh on 22nd September 2014