Details and benefits of membership

Full Exiles MC membership is open to anyone with a motorcycle of >400cc engine (so you can keep up). There are no restrictions on nationality, gender, colour, creed or the type of bike you ride, as long as you can ride it safely.

Associate membership is for anyone who regularly rides as a passenger but doesn't have a bike of their own.

All new applicants are probationers until they are approved by the standing members at a members' meeting.  Your riding ability and general suitability is checked in the meantime and full membership can be approved, denied or postponed pending further evaluation. Exiles MC does not demean or abuse probationers in any way, they are simply assessed.

Why join?

Sure, you could simply join our public rides and enjoy the company of bikers from all walks of life in the UAE, but most people who like to ride with us find they want to become an active member of the club.


Only full and associate members have the honor of wearing Exiles MC patches, and they can vote on our club decisions and take on responsibility for organising the rides and events they enjoy. While most of the Exiles MC activities are open to anyone, we do keep a few other rides, events and biking resources reserved for members only.

Members also recieve a members only t-Shirt, usually a new design for each year, every time they renew. Exiles MC members can use their membership card to take advantage of club discounts in various outlets, dealerships and venues in the UAE.


Membership costs 350dhm per year and we take a 300dhm deposit for your club patches which remain property of the Exiles MC. Members who leave the club can turn in their patches in return for their deposit.


Memberships are now tracked individually, so you can join Exiles MC at any time and get a full year's membership for your money.


Exiles MC Rules


Mission Statement

  1. Exiles MC is an independent organisation with no external interference or commercial influences.

  2. Exiles MC provides well organised, motorcycle centred riding and social activities for the enjoyment of the membership, other bikers and the general public.

  3. Exiles MC does not discriminate on the basis of the nationality, religion, ethnicity, gender or political persuasion of a biker, nor the brand, style or country of manufacture of their motorcycle.

  4. Exiles MC promotes a positive public perception of motorcycles and encourages responsible road use and safe riding practices by its members.

  5. Exiles MC is a non-profit organisation. Funds raised within the club are used for the betterment of the club, funds raised for charity will always be used to assist a deserving charity in our area.

  6. Exiles MC is a democratic club where all major decisions will be voted on by the members.


Benefits of Membership

  1. Weekly Club rides.

  2. A minimum of one event per month throughout the riding season.

  3. Deals on accommodation, food and refreshments at hotels on events.

  4. Help and advice with riding.

  5. Access to club information and resources including the Exiles MC safety manual, dealer and workshop contacts.

  6. Annual Club t-shirt.

  7. Annual Club Membership card entitling the member to discounts from various local venues and businesses.

  8. Use of Club communication systems so members can send messages or adverts to other members.

  9. Full and associate members can vote for the election of the Committee and on all important issues.


Memberships may be one of the following types:

Full Member:

Bike owner (>400cc engine) with a bike license who has been accepted by the standing members after completing a probationary period of 3 months.

Associate Member:

The partner of a full member who regularly rides as a passenger of a full member and who has been accepted by the other members after completing a probationary period.

Probationary Member:

A biker with a license who is hoping to become a full member by completing a probationary membership period.

  1. An application for membership must include:

    • A completed application form including the signature of a standing member willing to act as sponsor.

    • One year's subscription fee.

    • A photograph suitable for our files and the membership card.

  2. New members undergo a probationary period while their riding ability/style is assessed by the full members. The sponsor is responsible for explaining Exiles MC protocol and (with the help of the safety officer) ensuring that the probationer is able to ride safely with the group.

  3. After a 3-month probation the members decide whether to accept the applicant as a member. If the applicants are at the meeting, they will be asked to leave the room whilst this discussion takes place.

    • The application may be accepted. The probationer now has permission to wear a full Exiles MC patch and receive their full membership pack.

    • The probationary period may be extended. The reasons for this must be explained to the probationer.

    • The application may be rejected. No explanation is required in this case. The subscription fee is not returned.

  4. Probationers must be present at the meeting for voting to take place. Probationers may request an exception if they are repeatedly unable to attend meetings for a good reason, this must be approved by a vote at the meeting.

  5. All members are expected to ride regularly and play an active part in the club, attending at least two major rides and two meetings per year. Overseas members may be excepted.

  6. Any member who brings Exiles MC into disrepute by their behaviour will be issued a warning, and then may be voted out of the club at a meeting.

  7. Any rider who jeopardises the safety of the group and fails to respond to instruction from the safety officer or senior members may be voted out of the club at a meeting.


  1. The subscription fee for all membership types is 350 dirhams per year. Subscriptions may be renewed at any time during the year and the membership will run for one full year from the due date.

  2. Probationers must pay their subscription upon application. Their year's membership will commence on the day they are voted in.

  3. A late renewal surcharge of 50 dirhams is applied 30 days after the due date.

  4. Where payment is more than 90 days late, the member is busted to probationer and will need to be voted in after another probationary period.

  5. Under no circumstances will there be a refund of the membership fees.


  1. The right to wear the full patches of an MC is an honour that is earned. Exiles MC patches cannot be bought.

  2. Exiles MC patches remain the property of the club. Members pay a deposit of 300 dirhams which may be refunded if the member leaves the club in good standing and returns their patches.

  3. Probationers will be given an Exiles MC cube (the 'MC' part of the patch) to wear during their probationary period. It is not expected that this will be returned upon a failed application.

  4. Exiles MC colours must be worn in some form (patches or T-shirt) on all rides where the full members represent Exiles MC to the public or to other clubs. Events will be flagged as such beforehand. A fine of 50 dirhams may be imposed at the discretion of the road captain.


  1. Exiles MC is steered by a volunteer committee, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The committee is there to guide and assist, members constitute the club and must contribute to events and other activities by doing something useful.

  2. The committee consists of the following posts:

Club Captain

Organises and co-ordinates activities.

Makes sure that the Club Rules are followed.

Organises and keeps control at meetings.

Vice Captain

Represents any Committee members during their absence.

Helps other Committee members in case of need

Ensures that all members fully understand the Club Rules, if necessary by the use of a translator.

Ensures that the wishes of the members are adequately communicated to the Committee and other members


Takes minutes at meetings.

Looks after membership records and other Club records.

Sorts out annual membership renewals and ensures that everybody pays.

Promotes Exiles MC via press releases.

Events Officer

Organises and ensures others organise good stuff for us to do.

Makes a plan of events so we all know what's happening.

Tells everybody about events in coordination with Club Comms.

Safety Officer

Makes sure that members ride safe and responsibly.

Gives copies of safety manual to all new Probationary Members.

Looks after and updates the Safety Manual.

Helps or organises help and advice for new and/or inexperienced riders.

Organises safety stuff to make us all better riders.

Checks out probationary member's riding skills and helps them to improve their skills if necessary.

Comms Officer

Keeps a list of members' contact details.

Keeps a Club email account for inter-club communications.

Sends out announcements, minutes, messages and stuff to and from members.

Maintains the Club Website.


Maintains the account and looks after the cash.

Purchases all the Exiles MC merchandise, t-shirts, membership cards, etc.

Organises printed materials.

  3. The Committee is elected yearly by a vote at the Annual General Meeting.

  4. Only full members and associate members can stand for election. Members of another motorcycle club or officers of an owners organisation such as HOG cannot stand for election due to conflicts of interest.

  5. Nominations for committee positions are closed 14-days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. A list of those people who are standing must be sent to the members seven days before the AGM.

  6. Probationers are not permitted to vote.

  7. Voting will be a secret ballot, organised by the Club Captain.

  8. Members who cannot attend the Annual General Meeting may vote by email which will be kept confidential. Voting by proxy is no longer permitted.

  9. The results of the voting will be announced at the Annual General Meeting and the voting slips will be made available for checking. Email votes must be made available in an anonymous form.

  10. Anyone nominated or volunteering for the Club Captain's post and not voted in is automatically entered as a candidate for Vice Captain.

  11. Committee members who retain their position for a whole year are exempt from membership fees for the following year.


Member Meetings

  1. Member meetings will be held monthly if deemed necessary.

  2. The Committee will ask the members for approval for their ideas.

  3. Decisions will be made by vote amongst the members who are present.

  4. Probationary memberships will be reviewed and a decision will be made whether to accept the probationer as a member or to extend the probationary period.

Committee Meetings

  1. The Committee will decide when they will meet, depending on what needs sorting out.

  2. Members may attend Committee meetings by invitation.

Annual General Meeting

  1. The AGM is held between the end of one riding season (usually May/June) and the start of the next (usually September) when the maximum possible number of members can attend. This allows the new committee time to convene and begin organising events for the year.

  2. The AGM will include but is not limited to the following agenda:

    • Club Captain's Report.

    • Presentation of Club accounts.

    • Review of current Club Rules and proposals for amendments.

    • Voting on proposed amendments.

    • Proposals and questions by Members.

    • Election of the new Committee.